Why no hunter camo? (2)

camo petit seems the gods were listening. Rumours and rumblings of a camouflage ability for hunters may come to us in the next expansion pack: Wrath of the Litch King. The question is, what is this ability, and how would it work?

The theory suggests that at the moment it may be implemented as a feign death type combat reset. Removing debuffs from the hunter, and sending him invisible until he causes further damage. This could be devastating in the right hands. two scenarios

Crowd Control

  • hit camouflage
  • drop a freezing trap on opponent #1
  • focus on opponent #2

Re-Range Attack

  • hit camouflage
  • drop traps
  • retreat to safe distance
  • unleash ranged attack hell

The wowinsider article linked above has more rumblings, but doesn’t really touch on what will happen to our beloved pets. it’s safe to assume that they wouldn’t attain camouflage too, so would they stay visible – somewhat obvious as to where the hunter was hiding, or do they get tucked away as if the hunter was on a mount. To me the ability smells of something that would be talentised, and tucked away towards the bottom of the survivability tree, although some suspect marksmanship would be better suited.

We shall just have to wait and see, but for now all I can say is I told you so!