what’s all the fuss about?

Okay, so it’s been an absolute age since i posted anything of worth. needless to say i have reached level 80, and I’ve enjoyed Northrend, and the hunter buffs that came with patch 3.0.2, and were reigned back somewhat in 3.0.8.

over the years I’ve seen the trends of hunter pets go from the obscure yet unique pets that could hunt down epic land mounts, to the great pet rationalisation that followed – whereby each pet in a family was bought in to line, and everyone stuck with cats and boars.

changes have come in over the years with talents too, but for the most part hunters stuck with beast master, or marksman. for the most part survivalist sucked pre-BC, and wasn’t massively better post-BC. The wrath beta showed some glimmers of hope for the SV spec, but as with any major patch the hand that giveth also taketh away, and taketh away it certainly did in 3.0.8.

So, lets clear a couple of things up first.

I’m not a theory-crafter. I don’t spend 100s of gold re-speccing every couple of hours, and spend most of my play time in front of the target dummies honing my spec, gear, and pets.. I don’t raid that much. I play solo for the most part, and when i run in to dungeons i expect to be top or second on the damage meters.
There are people like that who tell people for the most part what spec, macros, pets, gear, play style they should use. I respect these people on the one hand because they are pushing the envelope and vocalising these discoveries with the hunter community, but on the other hand there are hunters out there that will follow these guides and not find things out for themselves.

blingkong For me I’ve been stuck in a beastmaster tree for the most part since rolling Shao. When 3.0.2 hit i picked myself up a gorilla. Not just any gorilla – Uhk’loc (the taming of which is another story for another day), and this thing hits like a ten ton truck, and keeps going like no Duracell i’ve ever seen. My talent spec and my pets i built myself with some basic advising from others, but basically is full of things that i think help me to achieve the things i look for most – Speed, and Power.

Where possible increase armour, health and healing to the pet. He’s my white furry tank, and if he goes down in a fight i go down. If he goes down and i can get out of range for a few seconds i can use improved revive pet to bring him back to life ASAP, and prevent me from dying.

So, what is all the fuss about?

I dumped this spec for a survival spec that a lot of hunters are suggesting at the moment, and to be totally honest, it kind of sucks for me, because it goes against everything i like about playing my hunter.

I’m slow. I attack slow. My pet is slow. He takes heals like a retard, hits like a baby gorilla, and the solo experience generally sucks. I found this out the hard way because lately I’ve been trying to grab some argent dawn rep – don’t ask why – and I’ve run scholomance, and stratholme a couple of times under both builds and its just SO much hard with survival build – and it really shouldn’t be.

I’ve yet to try any raiding or heroics with this build, but i will report back when i have. However I did run normal HoL earlier (with a lvl 79 pet cat) and came out dealing just under 40% of total damage for the group.. which seems good, but i was doing that with my beastmaster build too (with my gorilla) so as yet I’m not seeing the benefit, or point of changing.