sheppo who?

it’s been a while. 21 months. A lot has happened. Shao woke up in a strange new realm, as a horde hunter, using a different name. He still remembers the strange dream-like memories as a dwarf hunter fighting alongside his alliance counterparts.

WoWScrnShot_103110_202057Shao is now called sheppo, a troll, but he’s still a kick-ass hunter, as depicted by this picture. Yes, that’s me, turned in to a skeleton, riding a fricken-turtle, man!


So, a rough countdown of some of the highlights sheppo has enjoyed of late.

10man kingslayer achievement – probably the hardest we’ve worked as a guild to take the lich king down, and that made the payoff so much more worthwhile. Sheppo went out and bought himself a chopper to celebrate.

11/12 ICC 10man – for a casual guild we were delighted to be able to get as far as getting all but the lich king down in heroic mode. to be fair, patch 4.0.1 has made even the hard heroic fights insanely easy.

Glory of the ice crown raider 10man – again, 4.0.1 has made this patch insanely easy, and i just hope not too many people take the effort to go back and get the mount.

talking of insanity

A tribute to insanity 10man – with the removal of the mount from the tribute chest associated this achievement in patch 4.0.3 I can see a lot of people aiming for this, we did it on our second week of trying. To be fair, we only failed the first week because the healers didn’t realise we’d gone in to phase three on anub’arak so quickly.

Loremaster of Kalimdor – without a doubt this is the hardest achievement or single target i’ve worked toward in WoW. I actually got 80% or more of the way there on alliance before faction changing, not realising that it would wipe out most of my progress. The slog back has taken many months of casually chipping away with it. With outland being completed over a year ago it falls just for outland to be completed.