Goa 13–mixed by jrb

I don’t only play games and make videos of me playing games. I’m also very enthusiastic about electronic music, and have been a hobby-level DJ for around 20 years. Mainly mixing music I like for me to listen to, but I have a few friends that love my mixes, may be you will too.

The Goa series of mixes have been running in one form or another since 2001 – although most of them aren’t available online at the moment, I do hope to get them all in one place sooner or later, and with MixCloud’s recent removal of mix length / size it seems like the best place for it.

Explore a world of goa and psychedelic trance below, and as always I hope you enjoy!

Carmageddon – Kickstarter

Are you old enough to remember Carmageddon? I am, it was a great genre redefining game that just blew me away in terms of what a game could do. Physics? the first game I remember that thew cars, physics, over the top action, and multiplayer together to create something genuinely hilarious.

A brilliant game from yesteryear.

As it turns out, Stainless Games have been trying to get a modern update developed for some time now, and have launched a kickstarter project to help funding.

I’ve helped out, and I urge you to do that same, you know it makes sense!

Ironman WoW Challenge Update – #01

So it’s been a while in the making, and we’ve failed once already, but we started over and things are progressing a lot more smoothly now.

My new Ironman WoW Challenger is called Sheppy, he’s currently lvl 43, and progressing nicely through Tanaris. So how are we doing in the grand scale of things. Thankfully.. we’ve had a few other challengers on our realm do really well, with one guy failing at lvl 84, and a few others at or above lvl 70. But fail they did, and that puts Sheppy in to the number one spot for the realm, and in 52nd place for Europe..

We can do better than that.


So what about YouTube updates? I’ve recorded several hours of footage that needs editing down in to episodes. As a YouTube project this series is actually quite interesting as it sees me doing far more editing than I am used to.. speed editing, clipping, re-taking audio, and generally spending more time than anything else I’ve produced gameplay-wise. Thankfully, I have a few episodes ready to go and upload for when the other series dry up.

Feel free to catch the series over at YouTube, and as ever, leave a comment or suggestion for feedback here or on YouTube itself. Smile

This is madness!! 300 Subscribers

So our channel hit it’s next big milestone of 300 subscribers. It’s small-fry, I know, but I’m still proud of the fact the subscriber count is going up, and not down! It means a lot that people are taking time to view the videos my brother and I do. We have a different style of let’s plays, and it’s nice to know people appreciate the more relaxed attitude to it all.

But it’s not all just subscriber news, this month has also been a great month for video views. I’ve covered some of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion beta info, and produced a series of World of Warcraft hunter-specific raiding guides that have seen the video viewing figures raise to an average of 415/day. Definitely the best since the channel went 100% gaming. Again, this is all good news.

As a thanks to our committed support from our subscribers we put out a little thank you video, below.

YouTube woes

It’s odd how things work out. One day, things are looking rosy with YouTube.


For all Blizzard content I had, after many months I had managed to finally resolve the monetisation issues. (Monetisation is the process where YouTube allows users to place adverts on their videos, and pays them for any clickthrus. However YouTube requires that you have adequate documentation to prove you either own the rights, or have legal permission to claim ad revenue) I was finally consistently getting videos approved for monetisation and quickly too. Monetisation is a massive thing for a small channel like mine, and it certainly isn’t the reason I produce videos, but it’s a nice little incentive.

Moar Hits!

I’d had a few videos, through chance, start to get quite a lot of hits. Whether it was an old initial Let’s Play episode of Dungeon Defenders that had gotten hits when the game went on Sale on Steam, or someone over at www.wowhuntershall.com posting some of my heroic raiding guides, or guides for world events.. the channel seemed to be growing nicely.

But then the problems begin,


Looking after and fostering a YouTube channel is a bit like any modern video game. There are levels, and unlocks you have to work towards. There are reputation grinds. The first unlock is being able to upload videos longer than 15minutes. Ironic then, that recently I’ve been having problems uploading videos longer than 15minutes, despite my average video length being around 22minutes.

I’d recently been uploading a little series on the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend. I was 5 videos in, each getting a small amount of views, nothing too special. Episode 6 – 37minutes, declined – too long. WTF! Let’s try splitting the video in 2 – 19minutes – too long. WTF! Let’s try another video in the series. same thing.


Let’s try another video, 47 minutes. Works fine. Okay.. I give up.