Dealing with too much footage

Doing a play through, or let’s play is fun. It can be hard work, it’s definitely not the easiest way to enjoy playing a video game. For me it’s a good way to get additional interest out of playing games; I find as I get older it’s harder to find time to play games, even though it’s something I really enjoy doing.

More often though, the playing games isn’t the hard part, it’s the recording, and editing together hours of video that is becoming a mammoth task. Probably due in part to the fact my main series at the moment is the Iron Man WoW Challenge – which essentially sees me questing through as much content as I can, and showing it all. Currently I have 5 levels of particularly dull footage to compile in to videos ready for YouTube.

What to do?

I suspect I may just provide a voiceover for all the content, but even that is time consuming and relatively hard to keep talking about what’s going on in the footage whilst keeping it fresh.

My other alternative is to heavily edit down questing and travelling to keep the footage more compact. My fear is that this will actually be quite jarring to watch for the viewer.

We shall see.

The IMWC should be drawing to a close soon, with 5.x on the horizon, and the Mists of Pandaria launch date 2 months away. It leaves little time for me to level from 68-85.

Keep tuned to my YouTube channel for further updates coming ever other day.

Lazy Designers?

Over at kickstarter there is another gaming fund raiser. This time for an android powered 99$ console, and is generally being labelled as “A new kind of console”. The headline that will likely grab headlines is that games will be free. Actually, only some gameplay has to be free, not the entire game.

imagescreenshot of OUYA

Now, for those of you that have used an Xbox 360, or Zune in the past 7 or so years will be thinking..”that’s nothing new”

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Ironman WoW Challenge Update #03

imageA quick update this time. Above is my new Hunter – IronmanShepp (lvl 64) – iron man wow challenge legit, currently ranked 1st iron man WoW challenger on the realm, and 20th in Europe.

As you’ll find out when I get around to uploading it to YouTube, I have an episode dealing with the death, and subsequent re-levelling of 2 other characters.

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Totalbiscuit isn’t always right

I make Let’s Plays for games i like and I upload them to YouTube. I’m not brilliant at it, I do not have a lot lot of subscribers, and my videos do not get a lot of views, but it is something I do because I enjoy it as a hobby, and small collection of subscribers seem to enjoy it too.

Now, I’ve been following TB for quite some time now, since 2008 or so. At the time I wasn’t able to actively play WoW and randomly stumbled across his weekly talk radio show / podcast, which provided me with an alternative to actual game. I found the podcast to be entertaining, funny, and insightful. I found his opinions on the subject of WoW to be pretty much spot on, even if his criticism was aimed directly at the class of my own, or my particular play style – when I did play.

I continued to follow him from WCW radio, to YouTube, Twitter, Cynical Brit, and general mainstream gaming success. Something that should be congratulated.. the boy’s done well.

Yes.. I’m setting this up for a fall.

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