The Future?

A quick update for the world of sheppo. What’s been happening?


Since the last update the ironman challenge has petered off a little. My character died at level 69 whilst trying to find the last quests in Nagrand. Ironically, I died to mobs that I’d previously dealt with easily. Understandably i was frustrated – this time it was definitely my fault. I may continue again in (Mists of Pandaria) MoP as I have already levelled yet another character up to mid-level.

In terms of videos, I still have a few to upload, that I’ll try to get done in time for the release of MoP – as a nice little lead-in.

Guild Wars 2

GW2 has come, and.. well, I want to say come and gone. But I know I’m not done with it yet, but the PvP aspect interests me naught, the same as it does in WoW. The PvE aspect of the game – the levelling is exceptional, and way better than World of Warcraft on so many levels, but I can’t help but feel the lack of any level of raiding is a major detractor for me.

That said, despite the lack of a fully open world, and a excessive use of invisible walls the exploration aspect of GW2 is stunning. The inclusion of jumping puzzles, collectable Vistas, and the general design of the environment has really impressed me.


Off of the Jumping puzzles I have gained quite a lot of subscribers to my YouTube channel, and subsequently applied and been approved for partnership through SocialBlade / RPM / Maker Studios, as well as being contacted to become a director for another YouTube partner – to produce WoW guides, etc. I’m not sure where these journeys will take me, but it’s exciting times!!


With the release of MoP now less than a week away I can genuinely say I’m a lot more pumped for its release than I was for Guild Wars 2’s. I suspect that’s because I’ve had my fun in Tyria, but also because I’m looking forward to getting back to raiding, and producing more raiding guides for hunters.

On the lead up to MoP’s release I will be putting out a special video that will celebrate at least one of the following items.

  • The release of MoP
  • The first video in which i sing!
  • My first WoW machinima
  • hitting 500 subscribers
  • getting partnership on YouTube

Stay tuned, I’m hoping the video gets a few 1,000 views, but you can never predict these things.